The Best Weapons in the Base Game and the Delicious Last Course DLC, Ranked

Cuphead receives most of its praise as an amazing indie platformer due to its animation style and difficulty, but the wide variety of weapons and charms that can customize a player’s experience with the game should not go unnoticed. Cuphead: the delicious last dish is the first expansion for Studio MDHR’s beloved title and introduces a lot of new content to the game.

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It adds a new playable character in the form of Ms. Chalice and many additional levels and boss fights. Players also have new charms and weapons at their disposal, provided they have enough coins to shop at Porkrind’s Emporium.

9 Twist

Unfortunately, Twist-Up happens to be the worst weapon added in The delicious last dish and doesn’t look like anything more Cuphead players will stick outside to try it once to see if they like it. That doesn’t mean everyone will hate it, though.

Although it fires blue tornadoes, Twist-Up’s combat effectiveness isn’t all that spectacular aside from being useful against smaller groups of enemies. It’s just not as accurate or stable as the best weapons in Cupheadwhich is a shame considering the aesthetic to watch in motion.

8 Converge

When designing the Converge weapon, it seems that Studio MDHR’s main motivation was to create something that looked like a hybrid combination of the Spread and Chaser weapons included in the base version of Cuphead. To this end, the team succeeded, but only to a certain extent.

Players who like to keep their distance will get the most out of Converge, but it doesn’t do as much damage as the Spread weapon and isn’t even as easy and automatic as the Chaser. In some ways, it emulates those other two weapons but reduces the effectiveness of what makes them so special.

seven Crackshot

Crackshot might seem like the best new weapon added The delicious last dish expansion. Realistically, however, this is a much less reliable version of the Chaser or Roundabout weapons. The best case scenario for a weapon that fires a beam that breaks into smaller projectiles is for it to be fired at multiple enemies or a large target.

Currently, some players may be tired of the weapons available in Cuphead Since its launch, then, at the very least, Crackshot has provided a new twist on a familiar tool. Of course, depending on one’s playstyle, this might just end up being one of the best weapons in Cupheadthough most gamers will probably end up opting for something else.

6 Hunter

The Chaser does what its name suggests and chases the nearest target when fired. The damage isn’t stellar and the shots themselves move pretty slow, but being able to focus on dodging and parrying while just holding down the attack button can change the dynamics of a boss fight. .

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Not all levels need to be approached in the same way, and while some may see the Chaser as the training wheel of Cuphead weapons, there’s no shame in using what’s best for each player. This may be situational, but it’s arguably true of most of the best guns. Cuphead.

5 Lob

As for the Lobber, it’s best for players who enjoy using the Peashooter but aren’t afraid to sacrifice some precision and ease of use in exchange for better damage numbers. The Lobber fires in an arc that flies upwards, and if it hits the ground before it hits the target, it will then bounce forward.

When looking at his special, it’s just a larger version of the basic shot but damages a larger area on impact. Best used to apply splash damage to a group of smaller enemies huddled close together.

4 Charge

Charging an attack is a mechanic that is central to video game design. Players need to make their shot count as the time between their attacks is extended, but the damage on impact is much higher, provided they are accurate with their shots. The charging weapon is Cupheadtakes this very concept.

If it were easier to use, Charge would probably be one of the best weapons in Cuphead, but the skill needed to master it is not universally attainable. Fortunately, for those learning to use the Charge shot, it still does damage, much less, of course, if not properly charged and fired at the right time.

3 Dot gun

The Peashooter is the prototype general-purpose weapon. It may not deal the most damage or provide the most combat advantage, but it’s reliable and consistent. Players start out with this weapon and will likely find solace in it as it will be the weapon they will spend the most time with at first. Cuphead.

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The Peashooter’s special attack is also quite solid as it’s a larger burst of energy that travels a little slow but does solid damage and will hit a specific target a total of three times before evaporating. As a result, it’s one of the best weapons in Cuphead regardless of a player’s skill level.

2 Roundabout

The Roundabout weapon is similar to the Chaser rounds in terms of the types of enemies or bosses it is most effective on. These are enemies that require the player to focus on leveling and dodging and placing the act of damaging the opponent in tertiary priority.

Some might argue that the roundabout is a little harder to use because it doesn’t target enemies like the hunter does. While this is certainly true, the difference in damage makes it difficult not to use Roundabout in the previously specified scenarios.

1 Spread

Most players refer to the spread in Cuphead as the game’s “shotgun” due to its high volume of damage at a limited range. Players trade the convenience of shooting objects from a distance for the ability to hit a single target from three different angles, possibly all at the same time.

The Super for the Spread shot works similarly, as eight large red spikes fire from the center of the player’s body. It’s a good way to clear space and safely get out of a situation where the player feels trapped and/or surrounded by enemies. For that reason alone, many players consider the Spread to be the best weapon in Cuphead.

Cuphead: the delicious last dish is available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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