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About the network

The Smart Sustainable Building Network (SSB) connects the University of Sydney’s expertise in engineering and science with academics in architecture, design and planning, law, business and health to focus on global and national priorities for sustainability of buildings. Our multidisciplinary research teams functionalize building envelopes through the integration of nanotechnology, use nanosensors and smart filters for a better indoor environment experience, and leverage nanoscale innovation to increase l energy efficiency of the building as well as to reduce construction costs and allow circular constructions.

SSB is co-chaired by the Director of Sydney Nano, Professor Ben Eggleton, and the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Professor Kim Rasmussen.

Our goal

  • Develop nanoscale solutions to achieve ambitious sustainability and net zero buildings goals, including measures of cost, energy / water consumption, accepted measures of efficiency construction (e.g. embodied energy) and building performance
  • Address linked to the building United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and contribute to Australian national research priorities as well as University of Sydney sustainability strategies
  • Leverage cutting-edge multidisciplinary research capabilities, especially those embedded in nanoscale materials and nanotechnology that will lead to innovative capabilities impacting the built environment

Our research priorities

The SSB Network is structured into five clusters with complementary research priorities:

The bunches:


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