Proton Motor Power Launches New Large Generation Fuel Cell Pack

Proton Motor Power launches a new large generation fuel cell pack.

Fuel cell and hybrid electric technology developer Proton Motor Power Systems has announced the launch of a large power generation package, based on its “PM” module, producing 90 kW of raw power.

Publicly listed company AIM said the pack is based on the next generation of its existing PM400 stack modules.

IOt said the 90kW module would be installed in a cabinet with a volume of 452 liters, for 0.2kW per liter, and would include a full balance of factory and power electronics.

Proton said it expects multiples of the systems could be used for a number of applications, including 180 kW of gross power from two modules to power backup generators and large trucks, 320 kW of four modules in a cabin for power use. marine, rail, and marine applications, and 1.2 MW with four connected cabins for marine, power generation, and grid peak shaving.

Four clusters of 1.2 MW each could also be linked to meet increased electricity demand.

The council said it believed capacity between 1.2MW and 5MW could be deployed in power generation, grid peaking, maritime and a number of other areas. apps.

After successful development and testing stages, Proton has confirmed that the new large power supplies are now available for customer order and manufacturing.

The company said it had ramped up manufacturing capacity in preparation for mass production of its fuel cells, including an increase in staff to 120 at all levels of the business over the past 18 months.

Dr Faiz Nahabchief executive in a short statement, said:

We are serializing our products for mass production, we have increased our staff by 60% in the last 18 months, with new developments underway, we are aiming to phase out diesel engines replacing them with fuel cell engines at hydrogen.

At 09:32 BST, shares of Proton Motor Power Systems were down 1.82% to 13.5p.

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Proton Motor Power Launches New Large Generation Pack, August 22, 2022

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