Lost Ark: All Aquilok Tail Mokoko Seed Locations

While exploring the swampy caves of Aquilok’s Tail in Lost Ark, players can find a total of six Mokoko Seeds hidden across the dungeon map.

Mokoko seeds are a collectible currency in lost ark which can be exchanged for valuable rewards in Mokoko Village. Players can find six in total in the Tail of Aquilok dungeon in Rethramis. The first two seeds are located in a hidden area in the lower right of the map. To enter this room, go under the monster’s large ribcage covering the bottom of the screen. Inside lost ark players can collect both Mokoko seeds.

The next two Mokoko Seeds from Aquilok’s Tail are in the southwest part of the map. A seed sits in the open next to some stalagmites. However, the other is more well hidden. Search the bushes and tall grass near the rocks bordering the left to collect the fourth seed. The fifth Mokoko Seed is similar to the fourth, concealed in greenery adjacent to clusters of crystals. To find this seed, players should look in the shrubbery next to the broken dead tree slightly to the northwest of the map.


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The final Mokoko Seed location in Aquilok’s tail is in the final area of ​​the dungeon. This seed is found visibly out in the open but can easily be missed as it blends in well with the surrounding environment. Ultimately, Lost Ark players can discover the sixth seed in the left corner of the area near clumps of more greenish crystals. Once fans collect this seed, they will have managed to find all of the Mokoko seeds in Aquilok’s tail.

Where to find Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds in Aquilok’s Tail

All Mokoko Aquiloks Tail Seeds in Lost Ark

It should be noted that the first four Mokoko Seeds in the Tail of Aquilok Dungeon are in areas that are not marked on the map. As a result, some players may neglect to explore these locations. Also, as mentioned above, the seeds can be quite difficult to see in the cave, as their green leaves can blend in well with the swampy surroundings. To identify a new Mokoko seed lost ark players will see a glowing greenish aura once they pick up the item. A pear-shaped icon will also appear on the map once the seed is found.

To pick up a Mokoko seed, hold down the G key while standing near the seed. A progress bar will appear with the text, “It gives off a sweet, pleasant aroma.” Players must continue to hold G until the bar is filled. Subsequently, the Mokoko Seed will be added to the collectibles inventory.

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lost ark is available on PC via Steam.

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