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Said they keep leading young boys astray

Anantnag: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha said on Thursday that given the huge resources of Jammu and Kashmir, there was no need for young people to take up arms in 1990.
Addressing a rally at Ranipora in MattanAnantnag, he said J&K had been endowed with enormous resources and potential. “Young people didn’t need to take up arms (in 1990). Even today, some people unhappy with the peace in the region continue to mislead the young boys,” Sinha said.
He said that after the repeal of Section 370, the pace of development has reached new heights. “Before 2019, only 6 km of roads were built and today 20 km are under construction. Before 2019, only 2500 km were paved and now 7500 km of road are paved per day,” the LG said.
He said today that J&K farmers are happy people considering their income. “We are the best UTs after Pujab and Haryana when it comes to farmer income,” the LG said.
He said the government he leads is committed to the welfare of artisans. The LG inaugurated the Rs 4.50 Cr Martand Chainstitch cluster. The cluster was established by the J&K Khadi & Village Industries Board (KVIB) under the Traditional Industries Regeneration Fund program administered by the Ministry of MSMEs (GOI), intended for the development of clusters to make traditional industries more productive and competitive. Speaking on the occasion, Sinha reiterated his administration’s commitment to preserve traditional arts that have become moribund due to lack of promotion and patronage and said that the administration is aware of the aspirations of artisans and associated workers.
He recognized the courage and perseverance of these craftsmen who allowed this master to be passed down from generation to generation. He assured them that every effort would be made to make these traditional crafts more remunerative and lucrative for the craft community.
“There is a sincere dedication of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji to all Indian trades and crafts. With the active support of the central government, the administration is extending all possible supports so that the age-old and immaculate craftsmanship is preserved in its true essence. He emphasized that he personally would be more than happy to deliver anything this community wants his administration to do,” LG said, adding that every country and every society in itself is identified by the arts, the specific crafts and music. “Kashmir is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and craftsmanship. I am indebted to the craft community at UT for professing art forms and possessing skills recognized not only in the country but around the world.
J&K KVIB Vice President Dr. Hina Shafi Bhat announced that the establishment of the Crewel Embroidery Group is one of many measures the Council is taking to promote traditional arts and crafts. “Crew work is pristine in nature and is mostly done by women,” she said.

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