Kiriko’s backstory has a definite influence on her kit

Monitor 2 is less than two weeks away, and when it launches on October 4, it will bring three new heroes. The first two new heroes, Sojourn and Junker Queen, have received many details from the developers and fans’ attention, but the most recently announced hero, a supporting character named Kiriko, has only recently seen the day. The developers have released a short cinematic story along with a brief gameplay preview to show and explain Kiriko’s weapons and abilities and their origins.


Kiriko’s interesting lore delves into how she became such a fierce fighter and caring healer, and it helps players understand her personality and connection to others Monitor 2 characters. Since Kiriko is the newest addition to the roster and hasn’t been playable in any of the Monitor 2 betas, it is important for players to understand his kit and how it will perform on the battlefield. Thankfully, fans will be able to connect with Kiriko through the developer’s update and origin story, which do a great job of showcasing the new hero’s abilities and explaining who she is as a character.

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Kiriko’s Origin Story

Kiriko was born and raised in Kanezaka, a fictional Japanese town Surveillances lore which has a shrine dedicated to the fox spirit. Because Kiriko’s family is closely related to the fox spirit, Kiriko’s grandmother has a deep understanding of the spirit world. Kiriko’s grandmother, who played an important role in her upbringing, has since passed on her wisdom about spirits and the importance of tradition, ritual, and community. And it seems Kiriko also shares a deep connection to the fox spirit, as her cunning personality and wit personify what the spirit represents in Japanese lore.

Along with being raised by her grandmother, Kiriko was also raised and trained by her mother, a fierce warrior. Kiriko’s mother trained her in the way of the blade and raised her to fight for what is right. It also appears that Kiriko’s mother formed the Shimada clan, as Kiriko grew up alongside Hanzo and Genji and formed a bond with the brothers – especially Genji – as both of them share mischievous personalities and embrace the way of ninja.

However, Kiriko also witnessed the fall of the Shimada clan, which affected her personally due to her connection to Hanzo and Genji, as well as her personal ties to the city of Kanezaka, which was overthrown by a rival clan. after the fall of the Shimadas. . Even Kiriko’s own family was affected by the takeover when her father was kidnapped by the Hashimoto clan, and that’s when she decided to step up and use her spiritual abilities and to join a group of vigilantes called Yokai, who have sworn to protect the city of Kanezaka.

How Kiriko’s Tradition Affects Her Kit

Since Kiriko was raised partly by her grandmother, she has a strong connection to the spirit world. Specifically, she is related to the fox spirit, which is based on the Japanese Inari, a fox spirit that acts as a protective guardian. Appropriately, Kiriko uses her spiritual connections to help protect others and use helpful support skills on the battlefield. Kiriko’s primary healing abilities are her Healing Ofuda, which are healing talismans that Kiriko can throw at allies, and her Protection Suzu, a cluster of bells that Kiriko throws at allies’ feet that briefly render them invulnerable and cleanse them of any negative effects. Additionally, Kiriko is able to use her spirit connections to teleport through walls to quickly reach allies and summon her fox spirit to aid her team in battle via her Kitsune Rush ultimate ability.

Along with her spiritual abilities, Kiriko is also able to use her combat and ninja training in combat. Because she was trained so closely with the Shimada brothers, Kiriko adopted their passive ability to be able to climb walls, which greatly aids her in reaching and healing her teammates. And while she’s primarily a healer and support character, Kiriko’s ninja training allows her to throw deadly kunai that deal increased critical damage. Interestingly enough, the kunai were originally part of Genji’s kit but have been swapped out for shuriken, so players will likely see Kiriko’s attacks act the same as Genji’s, which ties it together even more tightly the characters and makes for a nice change of pace for a support hero.

Monitor 2 releases October 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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