Best Psychic Reading Near Me : Best Online Psychic Reading Websites For Real & Accurate Readings by Phone or Chat In 2022 | Top Rated Sites For Expert Psychic Readers For Love, Destiny & Future Prediction


Humans are inherently curious beings. The future intrigues us; we wonder what opportunities and challenges lie ahead of us and whether we’ll be able to accomplish everything we’ve set out to do.

Although online psychic readings aren’t a foolproof method of predicting the future, they can provide you with valuable insights into your personal, professional, romantic, and spiritual lives. They will give you the confidence you need to take significant risks and deal with adversity.

Also, the answer to that is no. Visiting a “psychic near me” no longer necessitates taking time away from your busy workday to visit online psychic reading sites. The best online psychic readings offer services via phone, chat, video call, and email to clients worldwide. They are available 24/7. No matter how long you want to spend with them, you can do so whenever you want from the convenience of your home.

After getting an accurate online psychic reading, you should have faith in your ability to manifest the life of your dreams. If you have more information at your disposal, you can make a more informed decision. To help you overcome the obstacles, one of the psychics from these platforms will use their mystic powers to assist you.

List Of The Best Online Psychic Readings In 2022

  1. Kasamba – Overall Best Psychic Reading Platform
  2. Keen – Popular For Most Accurate Psychic Readings
  3. – First Five Minutes Free Psychic Reading Online
  4. Oranum – Most Recommended For Tarot Card Readings
  5. Mysticsense – Trusted Psychic Reading Site For Love, Marriage and Relationship Readings

#1. Kasamba – Overall Best Psychic Reading Platform

Brand Overview

Psychic website Kasamba has been around for quite some time now, offering psychic readings and online psychics. Since they’ve been in business for more than a decade, they’ve developed their services to include things like numerology readings and dream analysis.

Additionally, they’ve developed a solid reputation for accuracy and fair pricing over time, keeping customers coming back.

With a customer satisfaction guarantee, you can select from a wide range of readings. If you’re dissatisfied with your psychic reading, you can get a refund or a new reading by contacting customer service.

What’s the best part? You can get a psychic reading any day or night because they are available around the clock.

As frustrating as it may be to search for a specific psychic reading and get only a small number of results, Kasamba offers a wide range of services from dream interpretation and fortune-telling to career forecasting and beyond.

It’s safe to say that most of Kasamba’s users are curious about their love lives and believe that psychic readings about love are the most accurate of any of our other top picks. A Cheating & Affairs Advisor can offer guidance if you find yourself in this position.


Kasamba is an expert in a wide range of esoteric fields. Apart from psychic readings, they have excellent reviews in love & relationships, fortune-telling, and career forecasting categories. They also have psychic readings.

Customer feedback indicates they are excellent in all 24 categories, with each one having a different team of expert psychics. A psychic reading on anything from the occult and numerology to palm readings and Kasamba’s low prices allow you to get the reading for as little as $1.50.

Kasamba’s unique feature lets you try out a new advisor for free for the first three minutes. And if your first psychic reading session isn’t up to your standards, you’ll get a refund. If you want the best psychic reading on your first try, use this method.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • Online psychics have been thoroughly screened before being allowed to practice
  • They offer a free 3 minute psychic reading and a money-back guarantee
  • Mobile app for accurate psychic readings online while on the go
  • Customer care is second to none


  • Video psychic readings are not possible for customers

Customer Experience

When it comes to accurate and honest advice, Kasamba customers are thrilled. Customer Alice, who joined Kasamba recently, said, “I started with my 3-minute free chat. However, the psychic’s reading of my situation was so spot on that I had to schedule another session with him. Everything he said about my past was accurate, and he could see into the future. If you want to see a great psychic, make an appointment with him.”

#2. Keen – Popular For Most Accurate Psychic Readings


Brand Overview

Keen psychics, who have provided accurate readings for over two decades, recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. Online psychics can specialize in a wide range of fields, such as tarot card readings and Vedic astrology, in addition to general astrology.

While they do offer phone, email, and live chat as ways to get in touch with their psychic reading experts, they do not provide a video chat option. Oranum might be your best bet if you’re looking for that.

There is an app for Keen to connect with a psychic reader from anywhere and at any time. Psychics are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Like the website, the user interface is also straightforward to use.

It’s much simpler to find the perfect online psychic reading platform on this website than it is on others. You can learn more about each psychic by perusing their profile, including a thorough description of their background and service offerings.

The tarot readings are the most popular choice among Keen’s customers. Tarot cards help you discover your feelings about various aspects of your life through images and skilled intuition. In addition, Keen offers a wide range of psychic services, including some hard to find elsewhere.


Specialties include tarot readings, life questions, spiritual readings, and chakra cleansing. You can, however, try out as many categories as you want for free with a 3-minute offer for new users.

The ‘Find Your Best Psychic Advisor’ section of the website is one of our favorites. It’s a search bar with options for categorizing results and sorting by price. You can, for example, select Love & Relationships and set a price range of $3.99 – $7.99/minute. Pressing enter will bring up all of the advisors and psychics in your area who charge according to these standards.

Choosing between a phone and more private chat psychics is possible, which is a huge perk. Most people prefer phone psychic reading platforms or chat psychic readings, so this feature is vital. It is possible to make a selection immediately after reaching a website thanks to this feature.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • Free for the first three minutes
  • There are numerous reading methods
  • Services for low-cost psychic readings
  • There are over 1700 psychics from around the world


  • Experienced clairvoyants charge a premium for their services

Customer Experience

Keen’s high-quality services have remained consistent over time. In turn, this has allowed the company to increase the number of repeat customers. As one of our most dedicated customers, Ruth, recently remarked, “I was astounded at how accurate the advisor was the first time. He was well-versed in the events of my past and the difficulties I was facing at the time. After the therapy session, I was relieved. It’s a definite must-have. The time and money you spend there will not be wasted.”

#3. – First Five Minutes Free Psychic Reading Online


Brand Overview

AskNow offers a wide range of online psychics to choose from, as well as some of the best psychic phone readings available. You can talk with your spirit guides or get advice from departed loved ones via AskNow.

The only drawback is that using their services via email or live video chat can be frustrating, but there are plenty of other psychic sites like Psychic Source for these types of reading.

That being said, if you’re looking for a phone psychic reading, AskNow is probably your best bet. You get 5 free minutes after purchasing an introductory package. To top it all off, you can call for as little as $1/minute because the prices have been slashed.

During this time, you may even gain access to the Elite and Master psychics. You have the option of sticking with the expensive psychics or switching to a less expensive plan after the introduction phase is over.

Their psychic services are also available 24/7, which is a huge plus. AskNow love readings are popular with customers because they thoroughly analyze your compatibility and love astrology charts.


There doesn’t seem to be a single area where AskNow doesn’t excel, so isolating them is difficult. However, some of the most notable topics are general psychic predictions, money & finance, spiritual readings, horoscopes, and pet psychics.

They have the best online chats out of all the website features. An instant chat psychic reading is quick and straightforward to obtain online.

Moreover, all of their consultants are online chat psychics due to the chat boxes’ intuitive controls and layout. Chat psychic readings are priced the same as phone psychic readings. However, the first five minutes of your consultation are completely free, regardless of which online psychic you select.

Sound therapy, aura-cleansing, palmistry, lucky numbers, and more can all be found in the ‘Articles’ section.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow


  • A professional with more than a decade of experience
  • Psychic phone readings you can trust
  • Get 15 minutes for $10
  • Get a reading for free for the first five minutes


  • A website with a dated design

Customer Experience

After each AskNow session, customers report feeling satisfied. One even said, “I can’t even begin to describe how accurate these readings are,” said AskNow customer Diandra of the service. When my psychic reader speaks, it’s as if he’s lived my life before he came to me with his insights. AskNow is an excellent choice for psychic reading.”

#4. Oranum – Most Recommended For Tarot Card Readings


Brand Overview

With Oranum, you can get an in-depth video reading from an experienced psychic advisor. If you don’t want them to use your video, you can opt out of using their services altogether. Although their psychic reading website appears a little dated, it is simple to use.

Oranum has been around for an extended period and has a large customer base due to its high level of accuracy. Tarot readings, sound baths, and even pet psychics readings are among the options available. The only way to use Oranum is in person–which is fine because they enjoy seeing their psychic.

Due to the video feature, palm readings are the most popular online psychic reading service they provide. Discover your life’s purpose and potential future path with the help of a palm reading.

Finding the right psychic can be difficult because you can’t narrow your search as much as you can on other sites. Using Oranum has the significant advantage of allowing you to see and experience the readings first-hand, which adds credibility to them.

The lack of a per-minute billing system is a drawback of Oranum. Instead, they issue credits to their customers, which is perplexing. But, newcomers do get 10,000 free credits when they sign up.


A green dot on a psychic’s page indicates whether or not they are currently online, and the site appears to have it all. Small icons below the psychic’s picture show the reading they provide. They also provide introductory information, with some consisting solely of images while others are more likely to include video greetings.

In addition, the search and filter menus can be found in the page’s upper left corner, along with a list of the page’s top 100 psychics.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum


  • Most effective online video psychic readings
  • Provides a free telepathic consultation
  • Reliable and multilingual psychics
  • A 10,000 credit welcome bonus is offered to newcomers
  • Numerous types of spiritual advisers


  • Free psychic chat rooms can get a little sluggish from time to time

Customer Experience

Other platforms lack some of the more modern features found in Oranum. Customers of Oranum appreciate these new functions, which make it easier for them to navigate the site. A customer named Jimmy L. says, “Finding a good psychic reader has never been so simple. Oranum’s short videos are its crowning glory. The website resources and my advisor have met my expectations, and I couldn’t be happier.”

#5. Mystic Sense – Trusted Psychic Reading Site For Love, Marriage and Relationship Readings


Brand Overview

At Mystic Sense, you have a variety of options for psychic readings based on your specific questions. Going deeper into the categories will allow you to narrow your results by subject and level of expertise, as well as to read preference.

Mystic Sense’s services include love psychics, pet mediums, and the best fortune tellers around. In conclusion, this is an excellent place to begin your search for an experienced psychic with a wide range of abilities.

Another way to locate a reputable psychic is to search based on various criteria, such as family, love and friendship, dreams, sexuality, and work-life balance. Get a psychic reading to see if it will help you figure out what to do next if you’re stumped.

The online readings provided by Mystic Sense are well worth your time. Choosing from a wide range of readings offered by gifted and experienced psychics is the best part. From the instruments used to the general tone of the reading, you’re sure to find something that’s just right for you.

The psychics on Mystic Sense can be reached via various means, including telephony, video, and chat. With Mystic Sense, you can have the new beginning you’ve always wanted in life.


However, despite being one of the best psychic reading services, Mystic Sense specializes in particular fields. Tarot, astrology, spirituality, and divination are some examples of these disciplines.

Now, this is not to say that these are their only strengths. Everyone has their own set of advantages, and yours may fall into a completely different category. As a result, don’t restrict yourself to just these options.

Mystic Sense’s ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ theme is a noteworthy feature. It’s included in the first psychic session’s complimentary five minutes. You’re entitled to a full refund if you’re dissatisfied with the service. Time with an alternative psychic is provided instead of a refund.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense


  • There are numerous methods of communicating with your psychics
  • The ability to pick and choose from a wide variety of psychics
  • There is no charge for the initial five minutes of service
  • An exceptional blog for spiritual guidance that is updated regularly
  • Accounts on various social media platforms where you can stay up to date
  • There’s a group forum available


  • There aren’t any horoscopes available right now

Customer Experience

Mystic Sense dominates the market in terms of customers. Clients highly value the speed and accuracy with which psychic readers respond to their questions. In a letter to Mytisc Sense, customer Roz A. wrote: “Thank you, Mystic! I’ve never felt better about myself physically. My reading with the psychic was pleasant. In the end, she made me feel better by patiently listening to all of my worries. By the third card, I had goosebumps all over my body.”

How We Picked the Best Online Psychic Reading Services

  • Quality of Online Psychics

First and foremost, we scrutinized any service’s psychics. You never know what to expect when you try a psychic online reading. Even before making predictions and observations, it’s comforting to know that the psychics on a website are polite and attentive.

You want the same level of trustworthiness whether you’re getting a phone psychic reading platform or a chat psychic reading. We tested the clarity and thoroughness of the chat psychics’ communication skills. Using the correct tone of voice, speaking clearly, and keeping accurate time was necessary for phone psychics.

Psychic predictions, spiritual readings, and psychic medium abilities separate the best services from the rest, regardless of how well they behave or treat you.

  • User and Customer Reviews of psychic readings

After that, we took a look at what people had to say about their experiences using these psychic services. Even though anyone can try their hand at tarot card reading, only a small percentage are successful.

You’re looking for psychics who have a proven track record of helping other people. In the end, we selected only those websites that provide thorough, dependable, and honest feedback from previous customers. Cross-verification of the reviews was also part of the process.

As a result, we look for discussion about these services on other websites, networks, and platforms. Compiling a comprehensive database of all customer feedback and comments is a difficult task. However, comprehensive research gives us a clear picture of how each service compares to the competition.

  • Pricing and Affordability

When it comes to online psychics, this can be a complex metric to gauge correctly. You want quality and reliability in your predictions, just like you would with any other service.

If you pay too little for a psychic reading, you may not get the answers you seek. As an alternative, some well-known psychics command exorbitant fees for readings that are of inferior quality. To say that low-cost psychics with low rates are unreliable or expensive mediums are superior is a fallacy. Both inexpensive and expensive psychic reading sites can yield surprising results.

A key goal of our research was to find the sweet spot between affordability and the accuracy of our psychic readings.

  • Range of Psychic Online Services

Regardless of the format, you want a psychic medium that can meet your specific requirements.

Psychic abilities can cover many topics, from predicting the future to reading people’s dreams and love lives. When looking for answers to various life questions, it’s not a good idea to jump from one psychic reading website to another. It’s not only convenient, but it’s also more efficient to have them all in one place.

As a result, we looked for services that provided a wide range of psychic abilities on a single website. Every type of psychic ability is not something that can be provided by one service. However, we focused on those that provided a wide range of options without sacrificing quality.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Psychic

When deciding on a product or service, there are numerous factors to take into account. Psychic readings on the internet are no different. To make your life simpler, keep these considerations in mind:

To get an online psychic reading, look no further than these sites. For the first three minutes, many exceptional psychic networks offer free psychic readings to new users, after which discounted rates apply.

If you don’t want to continue reading after your free trial period has ended, you can end your session without paying anything.

If these online psychics have figured out what works for people looking for psychic services over an extended time, we, as product reviewers, hope they have.

  • Types of Specialities Offered

There are a lot of psychic websites out there that offer a wide range of services. Horoscope reading, tarot card readings, and career guidance are all practices that some practitioners stick to strictly. Others are experts in the lesser-known disciplines of Tik Pan San Sou, Vedic astrology, and Feng Shui.

According to our findings, Oranum has the broadest range of psychic specializations. At any given time, the readings available depend on which psychic readers are available and connected to the internet at the moment of the reading.

If your preferred specialist isn’t available, make an appointment with someone else.

We found that most psychic reading websites offer a guarantee of satisfaction or money-back if you’re not satisfied. Options range from a full refund to a five-minute credit on the website.

You can interact with potential advisors before paying on other websites that don’t guarantee anything. The best idea would be to read the guarantee policy on each website before making a purchase.

Customer testimonials for online psychics can be a goldmine of information about the quality of the service you can expect. It’s like reading a product reviewer’s comments and deciding whether or not to buy based on their feedback.

Reviews from previous clients give you a better understanding of the psychic’s abilities, while their profile and bio give you a better understanding of how they market themselves. This is the best way to get a feel for what you’ll be reading before you start it.

Online Psychics vs. Offline Psychics

Nowadays, the internet occupies a significant portion of our time and attention. You can do anything you want to do now online, from shopping to making travel arrangements. Similarly, the accessibility of psychics online has made it more convenient for those who want a reading but don’t want to travel to a location.

It’s possible that paying a visit to your neighborhood psychic will be a worthwhile excursion. However, staying at home and receiving the same service is more comfortable than going out. But it’s not just about how you feel that matters.

Offline psychics are just as good as online psychics in terms of accuracy and reliability. Depending on where you live, you may or may not have access to the best psychics in the world. More than 1,000 psychics are now available via the internet, making it easy to consult with someone for whatever reason. To find the most efficient, accurate, and reasonably priced psychics, you can search for them all over the world.

With social anxiety, there’s a chance the client won’t be completely forthcoming when you meet with them in person. Because of this, reading becomes less enjoyable. This factor emphasizes the significance of online psychics even more. For those who prefer a certain amount of distance and space to engage comfortably, online psychic is for everyone to try.

Online psychic services also offer a feature that isn’t available with traditional offline psychics: the ability to request a refund. You can get a refund from any of the platforms mentioned in this article if you’re dissatisfied with your session or reading quality. The case with offline psychics, on the other hand, is entirely different. Once you’ve paid for the session, your money is gone.

Frequently Asked Question About Psychic Reading Sites

Q1. Why should I get a psychic reading?

This question has as many possible answers as people are asking it. Everyone’s situation is different, which is why they’re considering a psychic reading in the first place. During a difficult time, many people seek comfort from others. Some people are on the lookout for love. Some people are worried about their jobs or plans. Of course, some engage in it solely for amusement. Only you know for sure why you should seek out a psychic reading for yourself.

Q2. How do online or phone psychics work?

Numerous people assert that telephone and internet psychic readings are just as accurate as those conducted face-to-face. If a psychic can make predictions or communicate with a loved one who has passed away, Whether they do it by phone or computer doesn’t matter. In the same way that details of in-person readings vary according to the individual psychic, so how it works will also be different.

Q3. How accurate will a reading be?

To this million-dollar question, there isn’t an obvious solution. Because psychics can’t usually give you an accurate reading, it’s difficult to tell how accurate a psychic’s predictions are. Psychics won’t tell you things like, “You’ll meet your soulmate at 123 44th street at 12:37 PM tomorrow. If you don’t go, you’ll be alone forever.” Despite this, many people return to psychics time and time again for guidance, and they swear by their realism.

Q4. Why do people reach out to psychics?

People who work as live psychics have a unique blend of psychic abilities and a keen sense of intuition. Because of this, they have a special connection to energies and can perceive and perceive things that you aren’t capable of doing on your own.

Most people have complete faith in a psychic’s abilities, but others are merely curious about the results of a psychic reading. Psychics receive a slew of questions from clients. They’re looking for answers to questions about their current situation and about what lies ahead for them.

Reaching out to a psychic expert should be done with an open mind and a positive outlook. It will be challenging to get a powerful, accurate reading with a narrow approach. When all else fails, you can always turn to a psychic for guidance to help you find the light you’ve been searching for.

Online Psychic Reading Platforms: Conclusion

Understanding the ambiguity that permeates our existence isn’t for everyone. Online psychics are becoming increasingly popular as a result, as more people seek advice from the comfort of their own homes.

Think about signing up for one of the services we’ve reviewed here to help you see the big picture and begin your path to enlightenment right away. These best online psychic readings service providers have helped countless people gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and embrace fulfillment for decades of service to their clients.

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