4/2 Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6: Part 2 – Results and Analysis of Matt Cardona vs. Chris Dickinson, Minoru Suzuki vs. Effy, Tony Deppen vs. Biff Busick, The Cluster Battle Royal, More.


APRIL 2, 2022
Dallas, TX

Commentary: Kevin Gill and Dave Prazak


Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green did a long heel promo talking about how GCW sucks and how six years ago he won the Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania. He congratulated his friend Mark Calloway for being in the Hall of Fame, as he will soon be. he then called Dickinson and Missy Hyatt, both came out.

Green kissed Cardona to start, Hyatt then kissed Dickinson. The two men then fought on the mat, Cardona yelped at the Hyatt. Dickinson took advantage of this and worked on Cardona. After that trade, Cardona started to walk away from the game, but he came back. Chelsea Green grabbed Dickinson’s foot, Cardona then got a quick two count and then took his attack.

Cardona set up a gate in the corner and Dickinson hit a back body drop, sending Cardona through the table. The two then exchanged stiff shots in the middle of the ring. Dickinson hit a brainbreaker for a two count, Green then fired Chris’ foot. Cardona took advantage once again and nearly fell on Dickinson.

Hyatt grabbed Cardona’s foot, then punched Green. Dickinson punched the Death Valley driver, but Green stole Hyatt’s bag. Dickinson was distracted and Cardona hit a low kick, but it was only a two count. Green then accidentally hit Cardona with the purse. Dickinson then hit Green and then Cardona, he stacked them both and pinned the couple.

WINNER: Chris Dickinson

(Sage Analysis: A standard Cardona GCW match. Not a bad thing for me, but either you like him and Green as your heel or you want to move fast. Dickinson overcoming the low blow and knocking both out by him -even was a nice change, GCW usually lets stubs like this pass.)


Biff Busick and Tony Deppen started by trading mat moves and control was 50/50 for the first few minutes. The match moved to the outside of the ring, where Biff landed wild shots, until Busick clipped the ring post and Deppen took over. Busick responded by cutting Deppen as he jumped off the top rope.

Biff then slapped Deppen hard in the face three times, Deppen countered with his own slap. Tony then took over and punched moves for several moments. Deppen tricked Busick and hit a cannonball dive, then nearly fell on Biff. The two traded chops and punches, Deppen then worked on Biff’s injured hand. Busick collapsed on a submission attempt and fell into the ropes to break the hold.

Busick hit face slaps and overcuts, Deppen countered an overcut attempt, into a German Suplex. Deppen then hit a running knee for the overall win.

WINNER: Tony Deppen

(Sage Analysis: Incredibly good game Deppen and Busick played for real on a lot of those shots. The game was violent and exciting. Deppen continues to improve and he doesn’t have a bad game with anyone. Biff looked great, and he’s crazy how big he looks on the indie scene, physically.)


Jordan Oliver and Mike Bailey battled it out until Bailey went to the outside, Oliver hit a super fast dive sending Bailey into the front row chairs. Speedball then hit a running knee and sent Oliver to the opposite side of the line, and hit a knee dive on Oliver. Both men returned to the ring, where Bailey continued the assault.

The two exchanged big kicks on each other and then they shared a strong style moment. Oliver hit another head kick and then a powerbomb for a near fall. Oliver slid over the top rope and went outside, Speedball made an audible and hit a moonsault on his opponent. They battled to the apron, where Bailey hit a standing backflip on the apron.

Speedball then attempted a top move, but Oliver countered. Each man traded pinning attempts, Bailey headbutting and nearly falling. Bailey reached the top again, Oliver hit two cutters for a near fall. Oliver then went to the top and missed. Bailey hit a shot like a one-winged angel for the overall victory.

WINNER: Speedball Mike Bailey

(Sage analysis: A great indie “spotfest” at best. There was no real story or selling, just a crazy move clinic by two young guys.)


Effy asked Suzuki to kiss her on the cheek to start, Suzuki offered her cheek for a kiss. When Effy came in to fuck him, he got a mean slap. Effy then blocked a slap and returned a major slap to her opponent. Suzuki kicked Effy to her knees, then fought and worked on him on the outside. Effy took a few slaps and demanded more, the third sent Effy to the ground.

Effy was then slapped and sold that he hurt his hand more than Suzuki’s chest. Suzuki flipped the script and hit three more. Effy was put on a seat and he was thrown to the ground. The match returned to the ring, where Suzuki attempted to submit via an arm grab.

Effy was knocked down on the mat, he then twisted Suzuki’s nipples, then bit said nipples in an aurora borealis suplex. Effy then kissed Suzuki as the crowd chanted holy shit. Suzuki then hit the pile driver for the overall victory.

WINNER: Minoru Suzuki

(Sage analysis: A match you’ll only see in GCW. A match of comedy, violence, something I’ve really never seen.)


*as a note, I’ll mark the participants and eliminations for this.

Joey Janela was the first entrant in the battle royale.

Buff Bagwell, Chad himself, was the second entrant.

Bagwell was quickly eliminated by Janela.

George Gatton was next and was quickly eliminated by Janela.

Judas Cassidy was next and was quickly eliminated by Janela.

Yoya was next and eliminated in less than a minute by Janela.

Billie Starkz was next, she was able to take a few steps over Janela, but was quickly thrown over the top by Janela.

Juicy Finau was next, he managed to hit a suplex on Janela, stopping the streak for Janela.

Sam Stackhouse was next.

Juicy Finau and Sam Stackhouse were eliminated by Janela.

Rhett Titus was next.

The invisible man was next.

Rhett Titus was eliminated by The Invisible Man.

Dante Leon was next.

Ninja Mack was next.

Jimmy Lloyd was next.

Lloyd and Janela had a social distancing battle.

Ninja Mack was eliminated by Lloyd.

Early Morning Guy Steal was next, he was eliminated by Janela.

Blake Christian was next.

Kevin Blackwood was next.

Hoodfoot was next.

Slade was next.

The Young Dumb and Broke team was next.

Deranged was next.

Grim Reefer was next.

Everyone in the ring shared a free kick with Grim.

Sandra Moon was next.

Parrow was next.

Deranged was eliminated by Parrow.

Grim Reefer was eliminated by Parrow.

Big FN Vin was next.

Parrow was eliminated by Big FN Vin.

Nate Webb was next.

The Invisible Man was eliminated by Janela.

Nate Webb was eliminated by Janela.

Hoodfoot was eliminated by Janela.

Shazza McKenzie was next.

Janai Kai was next.

Jazzy Yang was next.

Edith Surreal was next.

Darth Sheik was next.

Lufisto was next.

Dante Leon was eliminated.

Young Dumb and Broke were eliminated.

Big FN Vin was eliminated.

Lufisto was eliminated.

Sandra Moon was eliminated.

Jania Kai was eliminated.

Shazza Mckenzie was eliminated.

Maven was next and he decided to leave the building. Therefore, he eliminated himself.

Sean Ross Sapp was next.

Josh Barnett was next.

Sean Ross Sapp was eliminated.

Nasty Leroy was next.

Jimmy Wang Yang was next.

Josh Barnett was eliminated.

Jimmy Lloyd was eliminated.

Alec Pryce was next.

Jimmy Wang Yang was eliminated.

Jazzy Yang was eliminated.

Cole Radrick was next, he and Alec Pryce were eliminated.

Brandon Kirk was next.

Slade left the building and was eliminated.

Lord Adrian of the Walmart Crew was next.

Brandon Kirk was eliminated.

Lord Adrian was eliminated.

Kevin Matthews was next and was eliminated.

Nasty Leroy was eliminated.

Nick Wayne was next.

Joey Janela was eliminated by Nick Wayne.

Team LA Fights was next.

Kevin Blackwood was eliminated.

Team Second Gear Crew was next and was the last entrant.

Team LA fights have been eliminated.

One Called Manders was eliminated.

Levi Everette was eliminated.

Nick Wayne was eliminated.

Dark Sheik has been eliminated.

Blake Christian was eliminated.

There were three members of Second Gear Crew left and they won as a group.

WINNER: Second Gear Crew

(Sage Analysis: A match living up to its namesake. It was definitely a clusterfuck. A fun, confusing, compelling, weird, bad, amazing match. Not for everyone, not even most people. But, if you like have a good time this is for you.)

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