The Italian economic crisis has strongly affected the world of work: many people found themselves, overnight, unemployed or in precarious and short-term jobs. The payday loan without a pay slip, in case you have dreams you want to make or projects to invest in, in this case it is a great way to unlock a stale situation: the main problem of requesting a loan is that you have to have a guarantee like a payroll, which is a safe method for the lender to recover the money in the event of non-payment. And here is the difficulty in requesting a payday loan without a pay slip. Basically, a standard loan works like this: a user turns to a credit institution, requests a loan of a specific amount that he is preparing to repay with a certain amount of a fixed amount. If the user, in any circumstance, fails to pay the loan installment within the set terms, then he will be deducted from the salary a sum reported in the signed contract. In short, a payday loan without a pay slip does not provide valid guarantees for the financial companies, so how to do it ?. As the best payday loan without a paycheck to be requested, we undoubtedly find loans repaid, mortgages, non-finalized loans and lastly the credit of revolving cards.

How to apply for a payday loan without a pay slip

How to apply for a personal loan without a pay slip

Who does not have a pay slip, like an unemployed person or a housewife, but needs a payday loan, how can he do? Once it would have been practically impossible to even think of turning to a finance company, but today, given the times, things have changed. To obtain a payday loan without a pay slip the best solution is to use a guarantor, a person with all the characteristics that the applicant does not have: the guarantor can be anyone, a relative or a friend, and will be present in the contract as the one who he will take charge of the reimbursement of the provider in the event that the subscriber of the loan could not pay. This solution is also valid for bad payers or protesters who, in the absence of guarantors, will necessarily have to borrow money with a bill of exchange. In short, the guarantor is the simple, fast and effective solution to request a payday loan without a pay slip.

Other possibilities for payday loans without payroll?

Other possibilities for personal loans without payroll?

If a guarantor is not available or if the interest rate conditions are not favorable, there is a solution offered by Pancorle: with the Post pay service, any Postepay prepaid card holder can apply for a payday loan without pay slip which can range from 750 to 1500 euros. In this case the installments will be monthly and vary between 15 and 20: despite the Taeg will vary according to the loan requested and the applicant, the good thing about this type of loan is the fact that the Tan remains fixed at 0%.

The payday loan without payroll was once unthinkable, but today it is no longer the case: the finance and the credit institutions have moved in favor of an increasingly precarious society, trying to meet all needs.